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VR games A whole new way to game on PC, consoles and mobile

For a few years virtual reality (VR) has been just about to ‘go mainstream’. But whether it’s been down to marketing, lack of great games or really expensive headsets, it just didn’t take off. Well, until now.

Skyrim VR (Multiplatform)

Between the Oculus RiftHTC VivePlayStation VR and now the new Oculus Go, the buzz around VR continues to grow, and (finally) this time it doesn’t look like it’s set to die out.

This recent hype also means more amazing VR games are being created by developers all the time. I keep finding more VR games that are worth checking out, showing a lot of promise for 2019.

So if you’re trying to jump into incredible worlds of game, to take your adventure to the next level of immersion, you’re in the right spot.

As VR games develop continues to pick up speed, expect new titles to replace the old ones as “best VR games on offer”, and check back in to see the list off our favorites games.

For me, the top VR game that need no introductions is Skyrim which is definitely worth a peek if you have a VR headset, and some of which are worth going out and buying one of the best VR headsets or this Best Deal: PlayStation VR – Skyrim Bundle [Discontinued] so you can experience them.

There’s something here for everyone, so grab your PSVR, your HTC Vive or your Oculus Go and get ready for a A whole new way to game.


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